Vintage Valentine Pillow Box – the Gift Box That Keeps On Giving

Fully decorated Vintage Valentine Pillow Box

You’ve found (or made!) the perfect little treasure for a special sweetie pie, but you want a unique container for giving it. You are a crafter, after all, and a boring storebought box or bag just won’t cut it. Let this Vintage Valentine Pillow Box knock the competition out of the park. With its ribbon hanger, it becomes a sweet, vintage ornament to decorate the lucky recipient’s Valentine tree, a drawer pull, or anywhere else a small “dangly” would look good. Which means you’re giving two gifts in one. Just be sure to make two because you’ll want to keep one for yourself!

Vintage Valentine Pillow Box with sparkly embellishments
This little box is interactive, too.

Pillow boxes are the perfect solution for the tiny-gift dilemma. They’re just the right size for candies, small soaps, jewelry or tiny books, and they’re so darned cute that they’re a teeny gift all by themselves. And when you make them interactive, like this one, you up that fun factor by a million watts.

They’re easy, too. And if you love playing in glitter as I do, these little boxes provide the perfect playground for all your glittery intentions. Load it up, this Vintage Valentine Pillow Box project was made for you.


Preparing the elements for the Vintage Valentine Pillow Box

  1. First, decide which elements to use. Heather’s collage sheets include plenty of mix and match elements, so you’ll need to decide which ones to use if you don’t want to copy this project exactly.
  2. Resize the elements if desired. I shrank mine, but you might want larger or smaller pieces.
  3. Print and cut out all of the shapes. I use my Silhouette Cameo, which makes resizing and cutting these tiny shapes a breeze. But you can cut the shapes by hand, too.
All of the elements to the vintage pillow box
Note the score lines on the pillow box base. These will be covered later.
  1. Score along the dotted lines on the pillow box base, going over the score lines a couple of times. Do this gently so you don’t tear the paper.
  2. Cut the half-round side shapes as well as the solid flap lines with a craft knife.
  3. Punch a hole where indicated on the pillow box. Punch holes in the two small round shapes included on the pattern sheet, then glue them over the hole on both sides of the card stock. They reinforce the hole for added strength.
  4. Ink the edges of everything.

Inking like this does three things:

  • It adds vintage appeal to each element;
  • It gives a “finished” look to all of the edges; and
  • It provides definition from one shape to the next as you can see in these photos.
  1. Knot a piece of ribbon and insert it into the punched hole on the pillow box for a hanger. It’s much easier to do this step now rather than when it’s all folded and assembled. Fold the pillow box according to the scored lines. The sides with the half-circle cutouts go on the inside. Slip the bottom closure flap into the notch.
    Note: you can glue the sides closed, or leave them unglued. I glued mine for added stability. Leave the bottom unglued.
  1. Ink the edges of the pillow box as well as the openings (ribbon hole, closure slits). In addition to the other reasons listed above, inking like this helps conceal the dotted score lines. (I inked mine before closing it up, but you can do it either way.)
  1. Add glitter or Stickles to the desired elements. It’s much easier to apply glitter before combining the pieces rather than after. Let dry.
  2. Cut out the individual letters for the sentiment. Edge them with Stickles.
  3. Add glue to the edges of the paper flower and dip straight into the pot of glitter. This is much tidier than sprinkling glitter over the flower.
  4. Write something sweet in the small folding conversation hearts; write on the tiny tag, too.
  5. Add a small dot of 2-way glue to the inside edge of the folding hearts. Let the glue dry before closing the hearts.
    Note: This glue is amazing – used wet, it forms a permanent bond. Left to dry, it remains sticky to the touch like a post-it note. This allows repeated opening and closing of these little hearts.
  6. Tie a small piece of baker’s twine to the button.

Assembling the Vintage Valentine Pillow Box

  1. Glue two layers of contrasting ribbon around the middle of the folded pillow box. Use flat ribbon so that the decorative elements won’t be raised too much. I used crochet ribbon and satin textured ribbon.
    • Note: Glue the ends only, and attach them on the front where they’ll be covered by the cream heart. I stabilized the ribbon with a speck of glue on the back where it would be covered by one of the decorative elements.
  2. Starting with the biggest element (the cream vintage heart), start layering pieces, attaching them with either glue or Pop Dots. Glue 75% of the heart down, leaving a small space to insert the tag and tickets.
All of the elements with glitter on their edges
The ribbons should be fairly flat
  1. Arrange and adhere the remaining elements in a pleasing manner. If using leaf ribbon, attach it after attaching the large heart but before attaching anything else.
  2. Tuck the small tag and tickets into the unglued section of the large heart.
  3. Attach the letters to spell out the sentiment.

If you have any leftover elements, glue one to the back for a finishing touch.

Back of the vintage pillow box with a leftover decorative element attached
One should always look good coming and going
  1. Your beautiful Vintage Valentine Pillow Box is finished.

    Now stand back and admire the sparkles.

Your turn!

Craft a pillow box, either Heather’s design or your own, and share it over on the G&B Facebook page. If available, show us what you tucked inside too. I haven’t yet made my little gift but will share it in a future post.

The finished Vintage Valentine Pillow Box on a lace background
Ready to receive a small gift and sparkle someone’s day!

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