Free Printable Vintage Halloween Stickers (for Making These Cute Treat Bags)

Basket of stamped treat bags with printable Halloween stickers sealing them closed

Instead of spending a small fortune on Halloween candy this year (or guilting yourself with that rock-bottom cheap stuff that even you won’t eat), I’m going to show you how to make some cute treat bags in minutes using a handful of supplies and these free printable Halloween stickers. You’ll be the classiest candy-giver on the block and save a few bucks at the same time.

Halloween is approaching and it’s time to start planning the Big Candy Giveaway.

Small stamped paper bags of candy sealed with printable Halloween stickers

Halloween is a lot of fun, but it’s also a little stressful because it’s expensive. Oh, who am I kidding? The cost of enjoying Halloween has gone off the charts absurd. Ya gotta find costumes for you and the littles. Having a party? You need food and party supplies. And then, you still need that all-important ingredient that no Halloween is complete without. You know, candy. BAM! There goes your kid’s college education. (I exaggerate, but only a little.)

Say what? You’re going to go cheapo and buy those goofy little suckers that are the size of a marble and rhyme with “hum drum?” You better hope the kiddos don’t notice as you give them a handful with guilt splashed all over your face. Or worse, those straws filled with artificially flavored sugar, which get all limp and mushy before the sugar’s gone. Don’t be THAT candy-giver, matched in Scrooginess only by the popcorn ball-giver, every kid’s dreaded neighbor back in the day.

But what’s a good candy hander-outer to do? According to the statistics experts at Statista, did you know that candy purchases alone racked up sales of 2.4 BILLION dollars last year?

That’s BILLION dollars! Ack!!!

You don’t need to go broke to enjoy the holiday.

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How about this year you save a few bucks, have fun doing it, and still be generous? You can splurge on the good stuff and shed the guilt while actually saving money at the same time. And nobody needs to know. Because THIS year, you’re putting the brakes on cheapo candy, and you’re saying no to “fistfuls of dollars.” (Defined as handing out candy by whole handfuls, thinking you look cheap if you do anything less. I feel ya.) How? By using these FREE printable Halloween stickers! They’re super cute and they’ll have you turning out cute treat bags in minutes. (Plus they’re useful for other projects, too.)

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Use these free vintage Halloween stickers to decorate cute little treat bags that hold a few “fun size” pieces of quality candy. Granted, you can use these printables on any size baggie you have around the house, but why not go one (inexpensive) step further and create your own cute treat bags? With just a few supplies and a kid or two to help, you’ll have a whole basket of charming treat bags in no time!

Cute stamped treat bags closed with vintage printable Halloween stickers
Quick and easy, these are a fun craft for kids

You don’t need a fancy machine or expensive software to make them, either. First, download the free vintage Halloween sticker file and print them out on your home printer. Then, cut them out and attach them to small treat bags that you’ve stamped with some cute Halloween images. BOOM! You’re done! It couldn’t be easier! There’s no need for glue or tape; just peel and stick the stickers to your treat bags. 

You get to enjoy some crafting time with your kids (or by yourself, if you’re kid-less), you get to buy candy that you yourself like to eat (because you KNOW you’re going to dip into it), and you don’t wear the “Cheap-o Neighbor” name of shame in your ’hood.

Printable Halloween stickers are a great way to add some extra spooky fun to the holiday.

These free digital vintage Halloween stickers will add sweet, vintage appeal to your treats. Download these cuties, and let’s get started!

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Things you’ll need…

  • Blank treat/favor bags (I used 3×5″ kraft bags, but white would be cute too) 
  • Halloween stamps (see Notes)
  • Free Printable Vintage Halloween Stickers
  • Sticker paper or card stock (see Notes)
  • Cutting tool of your choice (see Notes)
  • Glue stick (if using card stock)
  • Dye ink (water-based)
  • Candy

1. These stickers are the ideal project for a digital die cutting machine, but you can use paper punches or even scissors, (if you don’t mind wonky circles). If using punches, use 1.5” to cut just inside the sticker borders, or 1.75” if you want some white border showing. And check this article out if you’re on the fence about getting a die-cutting machine: 11 Reasons to Own a Digital Die Cutting Machine. (My Silhouette Cameo cut the whole sheet of stickers in 60 seconds.)
2. The sky’s the limit with the stamps. I used 3 sets of silicone stamps and dye ink, but self-inking stamps would be great too, especially if kids are involved. They’re easier to use and less likely to make an inky mess.
3. If you’d rather use card stock than sticker paper for printing these, then adhere them with glue stick instead.. 

How to Make Stamped Treat Bags with Halloween Stickers

Step 1: Print and cut the printable Halloween stickers.

Use a cutting machine, paper punches, or scissors to cut them out. Set them aside.

Step 2 – Stamp the blank treat bags.

You can see in the photo below that I’ve got the blank treat bags, some already-stamped ones, and a bunch of Halloween silicone stamps. This is the time to let the kids (or the kid in you) run wild. Don’t forget to stamp the backs of the bags. And leave a bit of space on the front to allow for the stickers.

Treat bags, silicone stamps, and printable Halloween stickers ready to assemble

Step 2 – Fill the bags with candy.

It only takes a few pieces of fun-size candy. I managed to fit three fun-size pieces plus two really tiny pieces in these bags – five pieces in all! No cheapos here!

Step 3 – Attach the stickers.

Fold the flaps on the bags down, remove the stickers from their backing and adhere them to the bags, securing the candy inside. Or use glue stick if you printed the designs on card stock.

Voila, you have a basket full of cute treat bags. And if you have kiddos, you had some clean, fun craft time with them. AND… you saved some big bucks on candy! 

BONUS: you won’t be called the Halloween Grinch!

Other uses for Halloween stickers

These cute little circles aren’t only useful on treat bags. Here are some other clever ways to use them

  • Party favor bags for a Halloween party
  • Labels (on card stock)
  • Reduce in size for jewelry
  • Bottle caps
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Gift tags (punch hole, attach with string)

Slash your candy costs this year with these free printable Halloween stickers

Let the kiddos help you create their own custom treat bags with a few fun stamps and these adorable vintage stickers!. Have fun!

Supplies for this project:

For your convenience, I’m showing the items I used, plus alternate Halloween silicone stamps (mine are out of date), and self-inking stamps if you have small children

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Pinterest cover showing 20 printable vintage Halloween stickers

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