A Masculine Anniversary Card Rich with Color and Texture

Front view of colorful anniversary card


You may remember last week’s anniversary card, the white one with the bird-in-a-heart stamp colored with Q-tips and pastels. It was the puzzle with the final piece heading for insertion. (You can see it here.) I had said I didn’t “do” white very often. Well, today’s card is more my speed – a masculine anniversary card rich with color, texture and a yummy, luscious bow. That darned bow cost me hours of anxiety, but… more on that in a moment.

What colors make a masculine anniversary card?

This was the first of the two cards, and I wanted to use his favorite color, which is purple.

The color combo took me awhile to come up with. Using purple was a given, but I didn’t want to use lavender as the contrasting color. Looked a little too girly for my taste. Red was too “Red Hat Club-by” and yellow looked like school graduation colors. Hmmm…

I finally grabbed this turquoise out of my stash, which didn’t seem likely in the beginning. But hey, it worked beautifully! This might be my new favorite combo!

Close up of heat embossed background image
Gold embossing powder makes any stamped image more elegant

I didn’t want to cover the turquoise too much, so I heat embossed my favorite background stamp which is quite manly. And honestly, it’s such a detailed stamp that it doesn’t need much embellishment.

But I did want a little something to add more texture, so I decided to use a bit of very open weave net ribbon shot through with gold threads. More texture – yum.

The oddly difficult task of choosing a focal point

5 hearts of different materials, including paper, wood and a plastic gem
I tried them all. And they all failed.

By now, all I needed was a focal point, and this being an extra special, romantic card, I wanted it to be a heart with a textile behind it. So I tried one. Two, Three. This way and that, I tried a total of five (that’s 5!) hearts. I embossed a purple heart and punched a tiny heart out of its middle. I painted a tiny wood heart and stamped an “I love you” onto it (and promptly wiped it off – it didn’t look right). I stamped a piece of kraft paper with the same stamp as the card cover and even inked the edges. And I even colored a clear plastic gemsone heart with a pink Copic, to no avail. What to do?

I finally asked my daughter for her opinion, and she promptly reached into one of my “doodad jars” and pulled out a darling piece of jewelry chain that had a tiny bronze/gemstone heart attached. Eureka!

Close up image of "messy bow" with jeweled heart in the center
Men like bows too

I had already tied the “Colleen Bow” (also known as a messy bow) out of coffee-colored seam binding and just needed the heart to finish it off (without the chain).  I think it’s perfect.

Macro image of heart focal point

Almost finished…

Then I turned my attention to the inside.

The color and texture continues inside the colorful anniversary card
Almost as interesting as the front

I nearly always mat the inside card stock to add color and weight to the card. There’s nothing worse than a card that’s gorgeous on the outside with a wimpy, no-extra-layer inside. Not to mention that even moderate decorations outside can cause the card to buckle under its own weight if the inside isn’t beefed up a bit.

I stamped the kraft paper with the same stamp as used on the front piece. In fact, to make a watermark effect, I stamped it with the same clear embossing ink and let it dry. It’s a technique that adds interest to plain, sometimes boring card stock.

The greeting was two individual stamps, and the teensy love note at the bottom was a 3-piece stamp. (It came from a set of individual words that you could put together for any number of sentiments.)

Close up of stamped sentiment
It’s nice to see it as well as hear it

So there you have it – the masculine anniversary card I made for my and Mr. Right’s First Anniversary, loaded with color and texture with a dash of sentimental sparkliness. Guys like a bit of sparkly too.

Angled view of colorful anniversary card

Now it’s your turn. Share a photo of an anniversary card so that we may all oooh and ahhh over it. And let us know how you used it! We love reading romantic stories!


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  1. Stanley C Gregory

    Very nice, love the detail of your latest creations!

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