A Feminine Card Colored with Copics

A feminine card colored with Copics

Handmade greeting cards are pretty much appreciated by everyone, but I’ve found that the frilly, feminine ones get the most wows. That’s not to say that CAS (Clean and Simple), masculine or understated cards aren’t equally appreciated – they are. But there’s something about all the visuals, texture, and yes, bling! that cause jaws to drop and eyes to widen.

Some might call them overdone. Over the top. Too frilly and frou frou. But there are plenty of people who adore embellishments, sparklies and luscious bows piled onto the cards they receive. The women in my family (including me!) are among those people. It’s reflected in the way we dress, decorate our homes and especially the way we create art.

From my mother, to me, to my daughter, we all subscribe to the philosophy that “more than enough is just right.” White walls? Perish the thought. Bare walls? Hang something. Bare surfaces? Needs decoration. And without fail, when people walk into our homes, jaws drop and eyes widen in wonder. Because, done right, embellishment makes a living space feel warm, inviting and comforting.

Let your personality shine through your creations

It’s the same with your handmade greeting cards. Clean and simple works for some, as does their minimalist style of decorating. But for those of you who panic at the thought of white, naked walls or Marie Kondo-ing your spaces, relax and enjoy making cards adorned with color, pattern and bling. Highly embellished cards usually take more time to make than CAS cards, but that time is well spent when you see the floored looks on the faces of the recipients.

Look to nature for inspiration

Today’s card is feminine, yes, but it’s not really over the top. It has color, bling and a floppy, multi-loop seam binding bow, but most of the decoration is in the main image – the dogwood bloom that I colored with Copic Alcohol Markers.

Photo of pink dogwood bloom
A brilliant pop of natural color…
Close up of colored image of dogwood blossom
… duplicated using Copic alcohol markers

It took me 2 hours to color, but it was worth it. As you can see, the background is a soft halo of blue. Images like these don’t really need a background, per se, but that softly colored halo “anchors” the image a little more than just letting it float around in that sea of white.

The base card was a soft lavender. I can see now that maybe I should have allowed a little more of it to show, because at first glance, that lavender bow seems to be a tad out of place on all that green and pink.  It was meant to tie in to the base card stock.

That’s the beauty of creating art. It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, there’s always room to learn more.

Bling can be subtle, too

Close up of colored image on die cut showing glittered edges
Transparent glitter for subtle bling

I blinged the edges of the diecut with transparent glitter. I didn’t want to detract from the image, but the edges of that die cut needed SOMETHING. And for once, inking them wasn’t the answer.

I also glittered the stamens of the flower and colored those little end bits with sparkly gel pens. All very subtle yet still sparkly.

I roughed up the edges of the green layer for a slightly shabby look and then stitched that layer to the pink layer (mat) for a little more texture.

The print of the designer paper contributed to the overall decor.

Close up of the bow topped with a rhinestone on this feminine card
Several loops and a small pink rhinestone add nice texture to this “shabby” bow

Three soft pink rhinestones in graduated sizes at the top, and one on the “knot” of the bow finish this card.

I forgot to photograph the inside this time – oops. I layered pink, then white cardstock and stamped “Happy Mother’s Day” on the white layer.

Now it’s your turn

Now it’s your turn. We’d like to see you make a frilly frou frou card, then share it with us on Facebook. We love to see how others put their personality into their creations!

Here’s to a frilly, frou frou day!

Angled image of feminine card with dogwood image colored with Copics
Soft, yet snazzy too

Oh, one more thing…

What do the women outside of the family think when they receive a more frou frou card? Well, of course they always say nice things. But the way I look at it, we introduce them to the other side of decorating – the side that likes ordered, yet decorated, chaos, much like English cottage gardens.  Full of color, pattern and texture, classic English gardens looks like they happen by accident. However, there’s nothing accidental about them. They are structured, orderly and planted with purpose.

Let that be your code when decorating your next feminine card!


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