Halloween Sour Cream Containers – a Tutorial

Halloween Sour Cream Containers

Handing out candy is part of the fun for many people on Halloween. It’s certainly fun for the kiddos. But sometimes it’s easy to overdo it with giant handfuls of the sweet stuff, not to mention it’s pretty costly. (Have you priced bags of candy lately? Robbery!) These cute Halloween sour cream containers make portioning candy much easier with an added cuteness factor nobody could argue with.

When did guilt become a Halloween issue?

I’m not sure when it all started, but somehow guilt made an appearance at Halloween. You know, when a couple of pieces of candy for each child somehow morphed into handfuls of the stuff. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I always felt a little cheap as an adult handing out two or three “fun size” Snickers bits, knowing full well that those, multiplied by 20 houses, equaled a nice big bag of loot. It just seemed chintzy to me. So as the years wore on, my few pieces expanded until I was giving whole handfuls.

Those neighbor kids sure loved me in late October.

But then I learned about this cute little candy container that corralled a few bonbons in a cute little jacket and suddenly the guilt vanished. “Guilt? What guilt? We don’t have no stinkin’ guilt!” Enter the sour cream container. Specifically, Halloween sour cream containers. And suddenly, handing out candy became easy as pie. “One for you, one for you, and one for you.”

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It helped that I moved into a new neighborhood where my generosity wasn’t known. So without further ado, let me show you how to create your own guilt-saving Halloween Sour Cream Containers.

This is the time to break out the patterned papers

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Now is the time to use up your patterned papers. A sheet of 12×12″ paper can make four of these little pockets. Or a sheet from a 6×6 pak can make one with leftover strips. (Save them to make a Halloween Herringbone Card.)

I made these cute treat boxes before creating my Halloween Polka Dot Digital Papers, which would be perfect for this project. And my Vintage Halloween Digital Collage Paper Pack would be perfect for the decorations. But I digress…

Supplies for the Halloween Sour Crea Containers
The supplies are few – this is an inexpensive project!

Supply list for candy containers

How to make Halloween treat boxes in 8 easy steps

Step 1

Apply Scor-Tape all along the short end of the backside of a piece of paper.
Apply another strip halfway down the long end.
Apply another strip, half of the length, in the middle on the other side.

Back side of paper with Scor-Tape pieces

Step 2

Remove the backing from the Scor-tape on the longest piece, but leave the backing on the two shortest pieces.
Roll the paper and adhere the short ends to form a cylinder.

Paper formed into a roll
This takes a little practice, but stick with it

Step 3

Remove the backing from one of the short pieces of Scor-Tape and press the two sides together

One end stuck together, before being crimped

Step 4

Reinforce this end by putting it through the crimper and turning the handle a bit. Give the paper ends two or three crimped lines.

Step 5

Fill container with candy or other small treat.

Halloween Sour Cream Container filled with small candies
Here’s looking at you, kid

Step 6

Remove the backing from the remaining piece of Scor-Tape and press those sides together opposite from the other end. Look at the container from the top – the two ends should form a “+.”

Before crimping the second end

Step 7

Crimp this end of the container.

Both ends crimped
Finished except for the decorations

Step 8

Decorate as desired.

Decorated with simple tags and a ribbon bow
Each treat holder can hold 2-4 pieces of candy

And there you have it – a basket full of cute little Halloween sour cream containers for the kids on your block. Ready in no time, they’re a great way to use your patterned papers and ribbons, and they’re an even better way to keep the steep cost of candy from dampening your enthusiasm for the holiday.

Another great treat container idea is small paper Halloween treat bags using my FREE printable vintage Halloween stickers. The stickers (which can also be printed on regular cardstock) are the perfect size to decorate these little containers!

Note: My first three containers kept coming undone because I used a different brand of tape. Scor-Tape was the brand that held and is the only brand I’ll use in the future.

Halloween treat boxes are a cute, money-saving way to hand out candy

These sour cream containers can be made for any occasion, not just Halloween. Try them for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, or any occasion where candy will be given to children. They’re fun to make, and they’d make a good rainy-day craft with your kids. Show us on the Glitter and Bonbons Facebook page!

Happy crafting!

Halloween Sour Cream Containers

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