Halloween Side Step Card – Sweet Kitty

Front view of Halloween side step card

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary or spooky. This Halloween side step card will bring a sweet greeting to a treasured recipient with its charming pumpkin kitty and happy, laughing ghostie.

It’s not the ghosts and goblins that make us scream with fright

Face it – not everyone appreciates Halloween. Or at least not everyone appreciates skulls and screams and bats and haunted houses. And don’t get me started on the expense. Gone are the days when kids wore little plastic masks from the dime store, and a piece or two of candy were the acceptable offerings from each household. (Homemade popcorn balls were NEVER acceptable – just sayin’.)

Halloween is now a multi-billion (yes, that’s right, I said BILLION) dollar event enjoyed by adults and kids alike that can involve extravagant costumes and even more costly decorations and sumptuous parties. An estimated $9 BILLION will be spent on Halloween this year. That comes to $92.12 per person. Eeek!

It’s enough to scare anyone into hiding. Who needs ghouls and goblins?

Maybe you don’t want to go into debt for a holiday that contributes to cavities and hangovers. However, you still want to mark the occasion with a greeting card to favored friends or relatives. Or both. Maybe you’d like a little cuteness to go along with the greeting instead of some sour-faced skeleton. Cute kitty at your service.

Now to be clear (and because this exact stamp set is no longer available), don’t feel that you must use the exact stamps that I use in my projects. Because the point I always try to make is to use what you already have – be original and make your projects your own. Feel free to us my projects as a guide, but don’t feel you have to copy them exactly. You’ll enjoy your finished results so much more when you put your own personal “stamp” on them! (Was that pun intended? It might have been…)

Stamped image of Halloween kitty in pumpkin costume, colored with Copics
Kitty, the Cute Witch

I colored the Halloween kitty with Copic markers as well as the candy corn, and I used Art Glitter, the finest glitter available, on her little hat. Remarkably (for me), that was the only bling on this card.

Who could argue with a cute ghost?

It goes without saying that a cute kitty would need a cute companion on this Halloween side step card, and in this case, a laughing ghost fills the bill perfectly. He was cut on my Silhouette Cameo as I didn’t have a single ghost die to my name. Cutting on the Cameo allows me the flexibility to control the size of my die cuts. I shaded him a bit with a light grey Copic marker. The Boo! was cut on the Cameo as well, and the candy corn pieces were fussy cut by hand and colored with Copics.

Close up of cute ghost, candy corn and Boo! sentiment on Halloween side step card
All but the candy corn was cut with the Cameo

Side step cards are a lot of fun to play with. If you have several elements, you can place them this way and that until you have the perfect layout. In this case, I had the different papers, the spiderweb stamp, and the cutouts to play with. Kind of like paper dolls that I played with as a little girl. Who says kids have all the fun?

By the way, I usually cut my side step cards on my Cameo because it’s lightning fast that way. But here’s my tutorial on cutting side-step cards by hand if you don’t have a cutting machine. It’s easy peasy.

The sentiment is simple, but I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it because again, I didn’t have a die, and even if I did, it wouldn’t have been exactly the right size.

Close up of greeting cut on Cameo
Cut on the Cameo – my words, my font, my size

Thank goodness for the Cameo, because when it’s all said and done, the Cameo does save money on dies. A Cameo will cut the greeting in the size I choose, and in the font I choose. It’s truly the custom look. I designed the greeting and then welded the letters so I’d only have to attach two whole words instead of a basketful of individual letters. Imagine!

Your turn to bring the “Happy” to Halloween

Did you make a Halloween card this year? Did you make it cute or happy? Care to share it with us on our Facebook page? We’d love to see it. Post it there and tell us what you used. Let’s share the inspiration!

Happy cutie spooky!

Angled view of Halloween side step card
The cuter side of Halloween

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