Glitter Crafting After a 5-Year Drought

Thank you card using red, green and yellow patterned paper

Welcome to the improved Glitter and Bonbons.


I hardly know where to start – I just want to reach out and hug you all!  It’s been five and a half long years since I last sat in my craft room, playing in paper and glitter and then blogging about it (which you can explore here). My hands have ached to create something, ANYTHING (using paper, glitter and glue) during that time. The road was long and hard (divorce will do that to you), and the return was long and hard as well, but my life has been blessed beyond measure.

Crafters are artists, and artists know that you can’t have light without dark. Happy without sad. And good without bad. To go through hard times and come out smiling on the other side takes a special kind of fortitude, and I applaud those of you who have taken similar journeys. It wasn’t easy, but with God’s grace, I made it through with my sanity intact.

As I’m fond of telling my (now grown) daughter, hard times build character. Honey, I think I have all the character I can stand.

It wasn’t all bad

During those 5 years, I moved to the country, learned how to grow my own food, learned how to raise chickens (they’re delightful!), learned how to make sausage and learned how to can tomatoes for the winter and shuck corn in the summer. I learned how to shoot pool, hunt deer (for food, of course), fish (and actually catch them), and dance the two-step better than I ever had. But all of my personal belongings were in storage, and I ached to get my hands back in my glitter and papers.

Life was tragic but it kept moving, and I’ve come full circle and am in a craft room in a different house with more space for my goodies. In my old blog, I revamped a craft space with the help of professionals with stunning results. (You can see the amazing transformation here.) In my current space, I am able to use the same elements, which I will feature in an upcoming post.

For now, let me say welcome to my new blog with the same name as the old, because life to me should be beautiful no matter where you live. And my version of beauty usually involves a bit of glitter, and hopefully a sweet bonbon or two.

Crafting skill – use it or lose it

After five years of not creating, I feel like I’ve gone back to kindergarten to learn how to read and write again. Here I am with a truckload of supplies and barely enough knowledge in how to use them other than the basics. I didn’t even remember what a standard A2 card size was! I’ve started reading blogs and websites, and I’ve watched countless tutorials. Mind you, I used to teach crafting skills in tutorials, and now I’m having to re-learn those same techniques so that I can teach them to you. I hope you’ll stick with me as I get back up to speed. It shouldn’t take long – it’s like riding a bike, yes?

Here’s my first card after five and a half long years. It’s a thank you card that I sent to friends who hosted me and Mr. Right for a week in Florida. We went for Bike Week but had to come back a little early. The coronavirus had just made its ugly appearance and, to be honest, all hell broke loose after we left, with every news outlet covering every possible scenario. We watched in horror as grocery shelves were emptied overnight and panic overcame the world. So we scurried back and ensconced ourselves in our home to wait it out. (Still waiting, but thankfully we both have plenty to keep us busy.)

A sweet bird (and a speck of glitter) to say thank you

I needed a thank you card STAT, so I put this one together quickly. Turns out it’s quite CAS (Clean and Simple), which is usually not the kind I like to make, but time was of the essence. Plus, I hadn’t yet put my “big girl crafting pants” on. I felt like I was slogging through cold mud in the process, but that’s the beauty of crafting – even a little bit gets the mental juices flowing. Let’s have the photos tell the rest of the story.

Close up of bluebird image on thank you card
This little guy was colored with pastels using Q-tips – a perfect blending tool for small images
Tiny tag attached to thank you card with hemp twine
Tiny tags are so useful to add a tiny personal touch. Note the dot of gold glitter glue where the hole should be. It was too small to string the twine through.
Tiny glittered butterfly adding embellishment to front of thank you card
I felt that I had too much white space to the right of the bird, so I added a tiny die cut butterfly using glitter from Art Glitter. It works beautifully on projects big and small. (And tiny.)

Front angle view of thank you card

Now it’s your turn

And that, dear friends, is my first step back into the world of paper crafting. How about you? Do you have a stash of yummy supplies sitting in some dark closet? Go in and pull some of them out and make something, even if it’s just a stamped image applied to pretty papers. The recipient will be delighted, and you’ll feel your creative mojo start flowing. Then share your results in the comments section.

We’re waiting for you.


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      Thank you, Carol! I’m my happiest when I’m spending quality time in the craft room!

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