The Ultimate Gift List for Bakers – 48 Gifts They’ll Actually Use

The ultimate holiday gift list for bakers and candy makers

Encourage year-round baking (in case you’re on the receiving end)

You don’t need a specific holiday to shop for your favorite baker, because bakers (and candy makers) don’t need specific holidays to do what they do best – create delectable sweets! But if you have a gift-giving occasion coming up, it’s never too early to get a jump start on choosing the perfect gift(s). Let this handy gift list for bakers (and candy makers!) help you look like the rock star of giving.

These tools earn their keep

As a baker myself, I have a pretty good insight into what tools and supplies make a baker’s heart go pitter pat, and I’m sharing my favorites here. Yes, I’m a sucker for useful tools and gadgets which find their way to my kitchen, but only if they’re worth the space they take up.

You won’t find useless one-shot wonders such as egg separators, strawberry hullers, or banana slicers in this list. Those “tools” are more trouble than they’re worth, plus they take more time to use than the best tools we own – our hands and a kitchen knife.

The tools in this list are the true work horses of the baker’s kitchen. Many are considered kitchen essentials (perfect if you’re shopping for a new baker), but there are quite a few that are plain fun to own and use. And some are a wee bit extravagant. But ALL of them serve multiple purposes.

Because even a cake stand can display things other than cake.

On a budget? This list delivers.

These are my personal favorites, the tools and supplies, I use time after time. (Except for the very few that I would LOVE to have.) From budget-friendly to downright luxurious, you’re sure to find something to make your fave baker gasp with delight and run to the kitchen.

So take a peek and make your next gift-giving event easy peasy for you, and wildly exciting for your favorite baker. You might be gifted with some sweet treats in return!

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The Ultimate Gift List for Bakers & Candy Makers

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Tools and gadgets – because the proper tools make baking a pleasure

Measuring cups and spoons with the “extra” sizes (I gifted these to my brother-in-law for Christmas and LOVES them because of the 2/3 and 3/4 Cup sizes)
Oval measuring spoons (these fit into narrow spaces, including spice jars)
Set of fine mesh hand strainers (I use the large one to sift flour and powdered sugar. No need for a special sifter.)
Metal spatulas, offset and straight, large and small (the uses are too numerous to list)
Cake leveler (for perfect, even no-hump layers every time)

Metal whisks, set of 2
Mini whisks, set of 2 – perfect for single eggs, salad dressing,
KitchenAid Hand Mixer (pricier than WalMart’s, but it does an AMAZING job. Cuts food prep time in half!)
Stainless steel dough scraper
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (indispensable for the multi-tasking baker)

Rolling Pin w/Thickness Rings and Pastry Mat (pie crust and cookie dough refuse to stick when rolled on a lightly-floured mat)
Cake Decorating Kit (this price is unbeatable. These tools cost well over $200 if bought separately. I should know – that’s how I bought mine.)
Pastry dough blender (makes pie-making a SNAP)
Oven thermometer (because even a 25-degree difference can spell disaster for cakes, pies and cookies)
OXO Good Grips 11-lb. Food Scale (this is my #1 FAVE kitchen tool – it comes closest to guaranteeing baking success)
Quick-read thermometer (my #2 favorite tool – I use it for meat as well as my cooked eggnog!)

KitchenAid Classic Peeler (the sharpest peeler I’ve ever used)
Stainless steel squeeze-handle scoops (I use mine for cookie dough, cupcake batter, and serving cottage cheese and mashed potatoes)
KitchenArt 2-Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup (indispensable for measuring/dispensing sticky ingredients like shortening, honey and peanut butter)
Cookie Press (Spritz cookies are just the beginning with this handy tool)
Citrus Zester and Cheese Grater (a must have for Lemon Curd and Lemon Bars)
Electric juicer (another must have for citrus recipes, including Lemon Curd and Lemon Bars)

Ergonomic stainless steel ice cream scoop (plows through hard-frozen ice cream like soft butter)
Silicone spatulas (won’t melt when stirring hot liquids on the stove)
Fine mesh cooling rack (keeps small treats from falling through – also good as a roasting rack in a larger pan)
4-in-1 Stick Blender set (I use mine instead of a blender – it makes amazing soups and smoothies, and it purees tomatoes in seconds)

Candy & baking supplies – the little luxuries that up the fun factor

Vanilla Bean Paste (the seeds are part of the flavor)
Whole vanilla beans (for vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, creme brulee… the options are limitless)
Gourmet Sprinkles (not your ordinary sprinkles – these actually taste good and won’t chip your teeth!)
Ghirardelli Premium Cocoa Powder (even comes with it’s own cute little “barista” spoon)
Callebaut Belgian Couverture Chocolate (makes AMAZING hot cocoa bombs)

Digital programmable candy thermometer (takes all the guesswork out of candy making)
Fun cupcake wrappers (for more festive tiny cakes)
2-1 Candy “thermospatula” (brilliantly combines a thermometer with a spatula for more precise temperature control while “stirring the pot”)
Colorful candy wrapping foils
Colored sugars

Edible gold leaf (affordable luxury)
Pearl sprinkles
Dehydrated marshmallows (perfect in cocoa bombs, sprinkled on cupcakes, topping hot chocolate or added to plain cereal… or eating plain. Shhh…)
Disposable icing bags with piping tips, couplers and ties (great kit for less $$ than the individual pieces)

Specialty bake ware – because fancy pies and cakes just seem to taste better

9″ Non-stick springform pan with removable bottom (for the most delicate cheesecakes and sponge cakes)
Loose-bottom 9″ tart pan (I use mine for lemon meringue tarts and fruit tarts as well as quiche)
Individual mini tart tins (because miniatures are cuter and better for the waistline)
Brioche tin
Bundt cake pan
12-Cup tiered heart Bundt cake pan

Gifts for bakers (and candy makers) are appreciated all year long

There’s no need to wait for special holidays – ANY occasion is a good reason to surprise your favorite baker with a little something special. I hope this list of gifts for the home baker helps take some of the stress out of what to buy for the sweets-makers in your life. And who knows, maybe they’ll show their thanks by sharing what your gift(s) helped them make!

Happy gifting!

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  1. This is an amazing and very helpful post. Like with all of your posts, you definitely put a lot of time and effort into this. Nice!!!

    1. Shea McNaughton

      Thanks, Katherine! I admit it did take a long time, but not all gift lists need to be this long. I just have a whole lot of favorite baking tools and supplies. 🙂

  2. I have that kitchen scale and it is awesome! I’m actually surprised at how much I use it. It’s also great for weighing packages if you ship gifts or sell anything online.
    Lots of great choices here! Very helpful!!

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