A Classy Father’s Day Card with Color and Texture – Of Course!

Front image of classy Father's Day card with color and texture

A classy card with zero bling

You know, sometimes a card insists on not being a showoff.

That’s how today’s card behaved while I made it. It’s for Mr. Right because Father’s Day is coming up, and I want to surprise him. He’s not my childrens’ father, but that doesn’t mean a thing to me. He still deserves to be honored.

I just hope he doesn’t read my blog between now and then… oops.

The reason I’m rather pleased with this card is because I wanted to show you that you can have a card rich with color and texture but with absolutely ZERO bling. Not that he wouldn’t like sparklies, he was quite fond of the masculine anniversary card I made for him a few weeks ago. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make a card that relied on texture and color alone.

Texture adds visual stimulation

Close up of stamped design, embossed texture and burlap added texture
Embossing and a scrap of burlap – oodles of texture

We have a few things going on here. First, I used an interesting stamp consisting simply of five lines or stripes. Stamped in red, I thought I’d stamp it again in dark taupe ink which I thought would render that corner design a little “agitated.” I very carefully offset it from the red stripes, or so I thought. As it turns out, I was EXACTLY on the lines, even though I wore glasses to see up close (this on top of the contacts I always wear).

Hmmm… turns out, that one extra line of taupe to the side of each direction was PERFECT! I’m sure I couldn’t have done it on purpose if I’d tried.

The embossing folder was naturally going to be the striped one – what a perfect echo of shape!

The burlap was my masculine version of ribbon. I hemmed and hawed about putting black satin flags back there, but they were too shiny. This card was not about shiny and sparkly. So I played around with the burlap and removed a couple of the cross pieces (“wefts”) to leave the spiky “warps” looking almost like a little crown.

Which was perfectly fitting for Mr. King of the Day.

Details still count, even on low-key cards

I was fortunate to have a stamp (discontinued) showing Mr. Right’s favorite pastime, which is fishing.  I cut it out on the Big Shot and layered it on the next size larger die cut. The edges were inked.

I used dimensionals to pop it up from the striped layer and tied linen twine around that same layer.

Of course I had to add some sort of decoration. Just because a card doesn’t get a shot of bling doesn’t mean I’m going to leave it naked. But what to use?

I went through several stashes of bits and bobs until I found it – the PERFECT doodad!

Close up of stamped image
Mr. Right’s favorite pastime memorialized in ink

No bling, but decorated all the same

Close up of two tiny tags, linen twine bow and the tiny binder clip holding them all
Have you ever seen such a tiny binder clip? Squeee!!!

In my rather extensive stash of, well, stuff, I found this teeny tiny itty bitty binder clip that made the perfect tool to hold the two tiny tags. Isn’t it too cute for words?

It works perfectly to clip the itty bitty tags to the multi-loop bow (made on my totally cool homemade bow maker). I stamped them fittingly for Mr. King for a Day.

BUT… do you see it? Do you see what I accidentally forgot to do? Yep, I sure did. I completely forgot to ink those edges! Eeek!

I harp and harp and harp about inking the edges of papers, and in fact inked every single layer of card stock on this card. But I forgot to ink those bitty tags!

To be honest, I thought about taking the tags off, inking them, then taking another picture. Nobody would be any the wiser, right? But I wanted to be honest and show you how un-inked edges can look a bit… lacking in something. Not always, but these tiny tags sure look like they’re missing something ever so slight.

To see what they look like inked, you can see them on this card, and this one. I just think they look a little more “finished” when their tiny sides are inked. But of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s your card, after all.

A simple greeting for a classy card

The finished inside which has the greeting
I may have over-inked these layers. Oops.

The inside is finished with contrasting layers and the simple greeting. And maybe a tiny bit too much ink on the edges. Oh WELL.

Now it’s your turn. Are you making a card for your (or someone else’s) dad this year? Is it sweet? Or funny? Or  is this the year for a classy Father’s Day card? Share with us in the comments so we can enjoy it with you!

Until next, time, happy crafting!

Angled view of classy Father's Day card
Happy Father’s Day, Hon.

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  1. Stanley C Gregory

    I know the person you call “Mr Right” loved the card!

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