A Beautiful Handmade Easter Card

Beautiful handmade Easter card featuring hand coloring and colorful designer paper

Are you tired of making Easter cards that don’t fully express your dazzling personality? Sure, Easter cards are traditionally colored with soft pastels, but this can often mean muted and maybe a tiny bit uninspiring. (Hey, I didn’t say “boring,” but…) Get your glimmer on with this beautiful handmade Easter card which features dramatic coloring and a touch of shimmer. Who says Easter cards have to be boring subdued?

An Easter card, a question, and an introduction

Do you love Easter colors? Soft pinks, blues, yellows and greens? Do you gravitate towards anything featuring these colors? Table linens, kitchen appliances, heck, even vintage automobiles? I do. Anything that uses soft turquoise, butter yellow, seafoam green and baby pink is sure to get my attention. Which is one of the reasons I love the Easter season.

Beautiful handmade Easter card featuring hand coloring and colorful designer paper
A richly colored image enhances the striking colors of the paper

Of course, my favorite reason is THE “reason for the season,” Jesus and what He did for all of us. But I do love the soft colors that came to be associated with this holiday. (I love chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, too. But I digress.) However, those gentle colors are sometimes a little too low-key.

So here’s a question for you: are you tired of the same old pastel papers for your Easter cards? Are they a little flat and dull? Do you wish you could jazz things up a bit, but still retain the romantic colors associated with the holiday? You’re in luck because I have some papers for you to try, and they’re FREE! They are my own design, and they lend themselves to all sorts of dreamy, ice creamy projects which I will be featuring in the next few blog posts.

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Easter colors with oomph

These colors play well in the sandbox with the more traditional, soothing colors; however, they invite playmates “glimmer” and “sparkle” to join the fun. But not too much! Just a hint does it. Let’s explore this Easter card a little more and let the pictures do most of the talking…


Laying the foundation

I used traditional soft pink and green for the base of this ice creamy card: soft pink for the card itself, and soft green for the first layer. They’re the appropriate colors, but they let the new paper stand on her own. However, I don’t ignore the first layer and heat emboss the edges in antique gold. Doing this provides a great frame to the watercolor effect of the new designer paper.

The to layers of paper each get their own edge treatment: heat embossing for one and glitter for the other
When inked edges won’t do, try glitter or heat embossing

Not to be outdone, the designer paper gets the star treatment with soft, iridescent glittered edges. To keep this glitter treatment from stealing the show, I use the “heat emboss technique.”

  1. Press each edge onto the glue pad.
  2. Sprinkle the glue-coated edges with glitter. Tap excess off.
  3. Let dry

Glittering the edges this way lays down a much finer, more subtle line of glitter.

The main image

If you read my recent post “Create, Don’t Copy! The Papercrafter’s Guide to Creating Beautiful, Authentic Paper Art on a Budget,”, you noticed that I don’t advocate copying someone else’s crafts to the letter. That’s because I often use products and images from my stash that may or may not be available anymore. (I “bust my stash” regularly.) 

Whoa nelly, hold the phone! Not being a slave to MY images means:

  • a) you create your own masterpiece, and 
  • b) you save money!

For example, I bought this egg stamp from the company Flourishes, LLC, several years ago, but I was sad to find they’re no longer in business. The stamp was designed by talented designer Marcella Hawley, and hallelujah, I was fortunate enough to find her designing under her own brand now. The good news is she’s offering this Vintage Easter Egg stamp set as a digital product- yippee!!

Close up of Marcella Hawley's Vintage Easter Egg stamp, colored with Copics
Rich color for a beautiful image

However, if you’d rather not work with digital stamps, go ahead and use your own image instead! Here are a few equally cute stamps that would be perfect for a card like this:

  1. Baby Bunny Stamp
  2. He Lives Easter Daffodil Stamp Set
  3. Happy Easter Egg with Elegant Roses Stamp

See how that works? My Easter card techniques can inspire you, but you make your card personal with your own image(s). Win win!

Let’s dress things up

I colored the image with Copics alcohol markers, my favorite coloring agent. Then I used an oval die to cut it out and backed it with a pastel pink oval lace frame die cut, which, of course, needed a slight decoration. Liquid Pearls to the rescue. I felt the card had enough glitter, and Liquid Pearls is soft and very ladylike. It would be impolite for the glimmer to upstage the image.

A close up view of Liquid Pearls on the oval lace frame die cut
Soft, subtle glimmer, just like a pair of pearl earrings

I then popped it all up on Pop Dots for added dimension.

So guess what?  I did something on this Easter card that I don’t usually do – I withheld the bow! That’s right, I created a beautiful double bow out of hand-dyed soft purple seam binding, and I even added a sweet handmade charm to it, but for the life of me I couldn’t place it on the card without drawing too much attention to it. That is SO not like me because I love my bows! But this card, the image, and especially the designer paper said nope, no bow needed. 

Fine then. You will see the bow on a future project.

We’re not quite finished…

For the inside, I layered the sentiment layer on soft green, just like the front. Then I offset the stamped image and balanced it with a small verse stamp. 

The inside view of this beautiful Easter card. The white layer with stamped image and stamped greeting is placed on top of a soft green layer.
Offsetting the same image as on the front gives cohesion to the card

Quick and easy because of the paper

And there you have it – a beautiful, handmade Easter card with custom designer paper. (I’d love to share the set with you – they’re free, after all!) It was quite quick and easy to make because the paper did most of the heavy lifting. When you have beautiful papers, you don’t really need a whole lot of additional embellishments.

Don’t forget to get your free set of five (5!) beautiful Shimmery Colors Designer Papers delivered straight to your inbox. Just tell me where to send them by filling out the form above. You’ll be creating your own beautiful, ice-creamy projects in no time!

By the way, did you notice anything about the front image and the inside image? Look closely – do you see the difference? I wonder if the recipient will notice…

Now it’s your turn

So… what card will you make for Easter? Share it with me on the G&B Facebook page, especially if you used my new Shimmery Colors papers. If you’re an Instagrammer, tag me over there too. Don’t forget to share any stories associated with it. You could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

Happy Easter crafting!

P.S. These Shimmery Colors papers aren’t limited to Easter projects. Heck no! They hold their own with strong colors, too. Wait ‘til you see them with black!

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