Hi! I’m Shea!

And I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you a beginning crafter or a seasoned vet?

Are you looking for quick tips or more in-depth procedures?

Do you work outside the home or are you a stay-at-home mom or partner?

Are you retired and looking for a way to pass your new-found time?

Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place! But first, a bit of back story…

I grew up with parents in the Foreign Service and then married a man in the U.S. Army. I spent years of my life in foreign countries and discovered that many amenities we take for granted here in the U.S. were nonexistent then.

Television, radio, shopping malls… those were not to be found. (This was decades before anyone ever heard of that thing called “the internet.”) We could either moan and groan about the lack of conveniences as some of the dependents did, or we could do something about it. My mother, and then I, chose to take up hobbies and learn to craft. We had our own particular tastes and we did our own thing, but neither of us was ever bored. Ever.

And we were entirely self-taught.

I learned how to knit, crochet, sew (including my entire wedding wardrobe!), bake and decorate wedding cakes, garden, quilt, and more. And until 8 years ago, those hobbies kept me busy. Until the day I tried my hand at making greeting cards.

“Hello glitter, meet glue.”

And I’ve been hooked ever since.

From then on, I’ve created countless greeting cards ranging from fairly simple to over-the-top glamorous. My love of embellishment led me to create mosaics which you will meet in the pages of this blog. I explored the world of die cuts using my Silhouette Cameo, though many of them can also be done by hand. Those projects will be featured here, as will a host of other projects.

This blog will feature all sorts of goodies, including (but not limited to):

And every now and then I will include non-artsy goodies. They might include desserts and other sweets (because in my book, dinner is merely the vehicle by which one arrives at dessert). Or I might just share a musing or two if the notion strikes. Because in these strange times, sometimes you just want to know that there are peeps out there that “get” you, yes?

But don’t worry, mostly we’ll be getting sparkly, colorful and glittery in these pages.

Join me!

Every week, I’ll share a new blog post outlining a new technique, special project, crafty tips or delicious recipe to build your crafter’s toolkit or to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of these projects will be quick and easy, others will be more complicated.

I’ll share techniques, tool lists, sources and more. And I’ll invite you to share your creations, successes and yes, even the failures (we all have them). We want to be part of your story as we hope you’ll be part of ours.

Let’s get glittery!

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