A Simple Yet Effective Anniversary Card

Front view of mostly white anniversary card

Hello, and welcome.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my first date with Mr. Right, and I felt the occasion deserved something special, so I made two anniversary cards for him. This was the second one, and it came about because I remembered a die I bought years ago but had never used – the puzzle die.

From that first date, he and I said we fit together like two puzzle pieces, and that’s become somewhat of a theme with us these past 12 months. Never mind that I actually do love “puzzling.” No, it’s because we have so much in common we just go together like a hand in glove. Or… two puzzle pieces!

So yes, of course I had to make a second card. (The first card will be in my next post, and it’s a doozy.)

Clean-and-Simple was the key

Close up of puzzle-cut image with removed piece
Clean, simple and soft are the key elements

First I had to have a base on which to put the diminutive (read: tiny) puzzle, so I used the largest of the Spellbinders Nestabilities Decorative Labels Eight. This puppy is the full size of an A2 card front (4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″), so it made the perfect backdrop for whatever I chose to put on top.

I then stamped the image with a dark grey ink. Black would have been entirely too harsh. I colored it with pastels applied with a Q-tip. When I color images this way, I allow for a little bit out of bounds coloring. It looks more natural that way. And this card was all about softness. (The other card is all about rich, saturated color – he gets the best of both this morning.)

I then popped that remaining, “completing” puzzle piece up on dimensionals.

Close up image of the banner with the sentiment
Hand lettered by my resident artist

I fussy cut the banner, which I then asked my resident artist to inscribe. My handwriting is not romantic – ever – and for some reason was particularly shaky today. So my daughter did the writing instead. And then I popped it up on dimensionals for added oomph.

He and I say these words to each other all the time. It takes that last puzzle piece to complete the picture. And we are each other’s “last puzzle piece.” Awww…

It may be tiny, but it still packs a punch

Finished? I don’t think so…

When I finished the card and sat back to take a look, it didn’t feel right. Something was missing.  You will learn that I almost never make white cards. I really don’t like the color white. I don’t wear white clothes, there are no white walls in my house, and the flowers in my garden are all very colorful. White and I don’t get along.

But I do love white pearls and use them often. This card called for something tiny but classic – pearls to the rescue.

Every now and then, an occasion calls for soft, simple and subtle, and this card did. Because Mr. Right will understand that the focus is on the sentiment and not any colors that might be featured. He will see the sentiment and he’ll more than likely get a little misty-eyed. Because I “get” him, and he “gets” me. Everything else is just window dressing.

Angled view of mostly white anniversary card with colored die cut puzzle
Happy Anniversary, Mr. Right.

Don’t forget the inside

You can see a tiny bit of the inside. I stamped part of the image stamp at the edge of the card using the ink that was left after the main image was stamped. Doing that links the front to the inside in a nice, complete kind of way.

By the way, if you have a hankering to see anniversary cards with more color and can’t wait until my next post, here are a couple from my old blog back when I was on several Design Teams:

Hog Wild for You

Soft Pink and Yellow (using the same background die as today’s card)

As you can see, anniversary cards can be fun, too!

Thanks for joining me today, darling peeps. I was supposed to post a graduation card for one of his grandkids, but the anniversary comes first. I’ll share the graduation card in a future post.

Do you have any special occasions coming up? Perhaps something that calls for a little more formality than the usual? Please share it here so we can enjoy it with you.

Until then,


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