13 Crafty Ways to Use Yummy Seam Binding Ribbon

Large seam binding bow

Seam binding ribbon is one of the most versatile ribbons in a crafter’s stash.

Soft and feminine or crinkled and vintage, rayon (or silk) seam binding can dress up even the plainest project. This handy roundup will show you 13 ways to use this versatile ribbon in your crafts.

A quick recap of this amazing, versatile ribbon

I wrote an in-depth post showing how to color your own seam binding ribbon with an explanation of what this ribbon is. In a nutshell, seam binding, which comes in rayon or silk, is a soft, fluid ribbon used by sewists, crafters and artists in a variety of applications. Paper crafters love it for it’s feather light weight as well as the soft, silky sheen. This ribbon takes color beautifully and can be used smooth or crinkled.

Seam binding makes beautiful flowers, too, as I’ll share in this roundup. Once you’ve worked with this fluid ribbon, you’ll want it in a rainbow of colors. (But color your own – it’s a lot cheaper that way, plus you can customize the colors to match your projects.)

Creative ways to use versatile seam binding

1. Shabby Chic “Pocket Pal Letters”

I’d never heard of “pocket pal letters” until I discovered this post, but what a cute idea! Pocket pal letters can be modified in so many ways (perhaps put different colors of this amazing ribbon in the pockets?), and what crafter wouldn’t love to receive one of these “gifts that keep on giving?” Misty shows you a fun “pocket pal letter” on her blog Shabby Beautiful Scrapbooking.

2. Shabby Chic Crinkled Seam Binding Flowers

Here’s Misty from Shabby Beautiful Scrapbooking again with a video that shows how to make ribbon flowers using two different techniques, both of which are very quick and very easy. These are a great way to use your bits of vintage jewelry, too.

3. Decorate a Mini Album

This video had me drooling over the luscious yardage of richly colored ribbon strips. Ginger at My Sisters Scrapper shows how she attaches a yummy multi-loop bow of seam binding to her mini album (which also had me drooling).

4. Ribbon Ruching

Seam binding makes beautiful ruching, as seen here on a baby card from the my own G&B archives.

Riched, no-sew ribbon
Seam binding is great for ruching

It’s so simple to do: just catch a thread from the end of a long piece of ribbon and pull that thread while the ribbon “ruches” up. Attach with snail adhesive or glue dots – no sewing required! Top it off with a matching messy bow and some cute accents for a darling card.

5. Ribbon fringe

Here’s a cute idea for fringe – make it with seam binding! Dawn at The Feathered Nest shows her quick and easy method. Use this funky seam binding fringe on Christmas stockings, pillows, handbags and more. She includes lots of step-by-step images for foolproof results.

6. Messy bow #1

My all time favorite use for seam binding ribbon is the “messy” bow, and I use it on my projects as often as possible. There’s just something so delicious about a messy bow. My friend Colleen over at Colleen Dietrich Designs taught me how to make a messy bow using the “rabbit ears” method.

7. Messy Bow #2

Kimberly over at My Craft Spot has some cute bow ideas for crinkly seam binding, including another version of the “messy” bow. Her technique is super easy, which she demonstrates in her video “Tying Bows with Scrunched Seam Binding or Vintage Style Crinkle Ribbon.”

8. Triple loop bow

Here’s a favorite card from the G&B archives showing two fat, luscious triple loop bows. Ladylike and elegant, these bows dress any project up. (The smaller bow topped the hidden surprise tag – fun, fun!)

Triple-loop seam binding bow
Two bows on one card is luxurious

9. Tag toppers

Oh my, these vintage tags are AMAY-ZING. And Tracey, at Garden of Grace, has topped these beauties with luscious seam binding and mesh ribbons strands. I could just eat these tags with a spoon. Head over to see how she did it.

10. Combined with other ribbons

While there aren’t any instructions per se, you get the idea when you see this charming tag card from Roosterhead Designs. She uses a small seam binding bow to decorate a larger twill ribbon bow, with a cute jingle bell for a final accent.

11. Subtle accents on handmade greeting cards

Of course seam binding looks great on handmade cards, whether the ribbon is vibrant or subtle. Here, the ribbon is barely seen but perfectly accents Narelle Farrugia’s wedding cards.

12. Base layer embellishment

Here’s another project from the G&B archives – a softly colored birthday card. This time the seam binding forms the base layer bow and I added a crocheted ruffled flower on top with a flower button and a couple of my handmade stick pins.

13. Domino Book Closure

OK, isn’t this the COOLEST piece of artwork you’ve ever seen? I am endlessly fascinated with these itty bitty domino books, and seam binding is the perfect closure for them. Sharon at Livewire Jewelry added a cute charm, turning the whole thing into a miniature work of art.

Bonus: Christmas ornament topper

Seam binding is so soft and beautiful that it makes a perfect topper for these gorgeous handmade glitter ornaments. Add a snippet of vintage jewelry and you’ll have a future heirloom on your hands.

The finished ornament
Ribbon is the perfect finishing touch

That wraps up this baker’s dozen + 1 of different ways to use yummy, crinkled (or not) seam binding ribbon.

How do you use it? Or do you? Are you tempted to try it now? Once you try it, you’ll want a rainbow of colors. And when you do make something with it, bring it on over to the Glitter and Bonbons Facebook page and share it with the community. Inspire us!

Let seam binding elevate your crafts to the WOW level

More examples of projects using seam binding

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