Bringing sparkle to our lives… one project at a time.

Are you ready to start crafting with your own personal style?

Do you have a passion for creating beautiful things, but you don’t want to make “cookie cutter” projects? You want your projects infused with your personal style, your own charm, your YOU-ness. But you need a little help finding your flair.

It’s time to finally craft with your own personal pizzazz.

I’ll help you develop your own style using your choice of products rather than slavishly following a “crafting recipe.”

I’ll teach you how to make many of your own “crafting ingredients” and save you money (for more craft supplies!).

I’ll show you techniques that’ll have you looking like a crafting genius in no time.

And I’ll share delicious, easy dessert recipes that’ll make you the megastar of mealtime.

Let’s Go!





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Hi, I’m Shea!

And I’m so glad you’re here.

Are you a beginning crafter or a seasoned vet?

Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place.

But first, a bit of back story. . .

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